University of Greenwich
university of Indonesia

The University of Greenwich in collaboration with the Universitas Indonesia is launching the following Virtual Workshop funded by the Researcher Links Climate Challenge – British Council:

Indonesia-UK Workshop on reduction of climate change impact on flood risk in urban areas

The Workshop will be held as a 4-day virtual event (29th June 2021 – 2nd July 2021).

The workshop will investigate the impact of climate change on the flood risk of infrastructure systems in Indonesia. The workshop will focus on the correlation between the increased flood hazard due to climate change factors and the vulnerability of infrastructure systems.


The workshop is addressed to Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from both Indonesia and the UK who are working on the workshop topics.

The number of ECRs is limited and the selection process will consider their CV, research interests, short abstract of the presentation, statement of motivation and impact.

During the workshop, the participants will start working in predefined groups on a short research proposal. Each group will be asked to submit the final proposal on this platform within 10 working days after the end of the workshop. Details about the proposal will be given to the selected participants before the workshop.

The organising committee will then award four prizes (£8,500 each) to the best research projects by the ECRs groups.

Industrial participants and stakeholders will be invited based on their involvement in crisis management, risk evaluation and policies for social education and urban development.

  • Flood hazard modelling
  • Climate change impact on flood events
  • Infrastructure vulnerability to flood and other events
  • Climate change adaptation: structural mitigation and policies
  • Social vulnerability
  • Climate change and flood awareness
  • Risk communication